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Friday, March 25, 2005

Narcissism Rules!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my "blog spot."

Yes, I have decided that resistance is indeed futile, and I have jumped on the blog bandwagon. Why? Well, as regular visitors to my site know, I haven't updated it in ages, which makes it look like I've been doing nothing. This gives me a quick, easy way to not only give updates on the music front, but to just rant about things that are on the on-deck circle in my cranium. I have many strong opinions about many things, and I figure it's time to tap into my inner narcissist (always takes me forever to spell that word) and "publish" those rants, under the delusion of grandeur that people out there will actually be interested.

I tend to be rather wordy, maybe because I'm a very fast typist, so if you don't make it to the end of an entry, I'll understand.

Okay, first things first: my music.

Well, it's coming. That's about as specific as I can get. Doing the Greenhorn CD was a huge undertaking for me, because I did everything myself. Wrote it, programmed drum parts, learned and recorded every other part, sung it, sung backups, mixed it, mastered it, designed the art, you name it. It's tough enough to take on a project like that when that's ALL you do all day, but, I have a "real" job, too, as well as other "life" responsibilities, so balancing everything wasn't always easy.

In short, after I finished that project, my tank was empty. I didn't even pick up a guitar for awhile.

Now, as a musician, that results in other problems, namely a feeling of guilt, guilt that I was choosing to "veg out" on my off time instead of write and record NEW music. I still feel that guilt, but I've come to accept that this is just the way my mind and my creative side works - it'll come when it comes. Not the best way to "build a following," but what can I say? I hope those of you who enjoy my music will stick with me and be patient.

The good news is, I've been writing a lot lately, musically. I have some really cool guitar parts that I will turn into songs down the road, stuff that I am really happy with. I originally thought about doing an all-acoustic followup to Greenhorn, mainly to avoid all the work in doing a full blown "Diss Band" production. But, then I'll write a riff and I'll hear the full version in my head, and the idea of an acoustic version just won't cut it, so I don't know. I may even just start recording songs and putting them up on the site as I finish them and forego the whole "album" thing altogether.

In any case, I'm still here, I'm still in love with the guitar and with music in general, but I've just needed some time to rekindle the spark of motivation that's required to put something together again. So, bear with me...

As to other music, I've been listening to a lot of, if you can believe it, heavy metal lately. The new Judas Priest album is really good. It's incredibly stupid lyrically, with songs like "Loch Ness" and "Hell Rider," but it's good kind of stupid, like a big stupid dog that you just love to pet. Sonically, it's just pure metal, just like your momma made. I loved that stuff as a teen, and I go back to it occasionally. I've also discovered a band called Skindred that mixes reggae, punk and metal sounds for a truly interesting commotion. Great stuff. The new Tori Amos album is pretty darn good, too. The last few albums, I've felt like she's been too far out in left field, and this one has those moments as well, but it also has some of her best songs in years. I like the new U2 a lot, but for some reason I just can never recapture the magic love affair I had with that band back in the 80's. But that's for another rant.

Anyway, enough for today. That's what I'm up to. Hope everyone out there is doing great and looking forward to summer!

Stay tuned...



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Glad to be the first to comment on your entry to the blogosphere (otherwise known as the "giant throbbing brain"). Looking forward to your next effort. I noticed when reading the liner notes to "Valiant" that you too are a fan of SCTV. Wondering if you have picked up the DVDs and what you thought of them. The commentary is great especially when listening to the old cast over an episode.

Take care and keep recording.

Jim S.

March 31, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Jim

Yeah, I LOVE SCTV, and I love the DVDs. Been waiting for them forever. Martin Short is one of my favorite comedians of all time...Joe Flaherty, John Candy, Catherine O'Hara....just genius, complete genius! I love the commentary, too. Just got Vol. 3, but haven't gotten through the whole thing yet.

May 06, 2005  
Anonymous Rob said...

Such a shame to leave that nicely designed web site to withter on the vine :)

May 10, 2005  
Anonymous Svein said...

Looksee, I managed to find the blog of ol' dissidiss! Nice to "catch up" a bit with the members of the old guard - I just about dropped out of active service for quite some time, and it's been far too long. Hope you % Mrs diss is doing fine. Cheers!

June 13, 2005  
Blogger Diss said...

Svein! Great to hear from you!! You must drop me an email sometime...hope you're doing well. Me and the Mrs. are great, and we miss talking to you "old guard" friends. Thanks for dropping by!

June 15, 2005  
Blogger Diss said...

Yes, Rob, it is a shame! I am shamed! But this vine will bear fruit agayne! Or something like that! :-)

Go, Redskins!!

June 15, 2005  
Anonymous Rob said...

Ah, the Redskins. I don't think the Cowboys will be battling them for the NFC East cellar. The 'Skins will have that all to themselves this year :)

June 21, 2005  
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